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We pride ourselves on our wide range of expertise in formulation chemistry. From a core competency in metalworking fluids (some of the most complex formulations used commercially), we have expanded into a wide range of areas and applications. A few are listed below. We continue to develop new interests and experience, and welcome the chance to work in any area. We have also found that approaches, techniques, and molecules used in one industry can often be used to solve intractable problems in another, providing a unique competitive advantage for our customers.


Ÿ    Raw material substitutions

Ÿ    Metalworking fluids

Ÿ    Drawing/Stamping

Ÿ    Cutting/Grinding

–           Straight oils

–           Soluble oils

–           Semisynthetics

–           Synthetics

–           MQL

–           Ester-based fluids

–           Specialty applications

Ÿ    Cleaners

Ÿ    RP products


Ÿ    Biocide formulations


Ÿ    Consumer products

Non exhaustive list, including

Ÿ    Hard surface cleaners

Ÿ    Laundry

Ÿ    Floor treatments


Ÿ    Automotive

Non exhaustive list, including

Ÿ    Glass cleaners

Ÿ    Waxes, polishes, strippers

Ÿ    Sidewall treatments

Ÿ    Interior hard surface treatments

General Advice

As part of our ongoing developmental work within Recombinant Innovation, we closely follow basic research being done in a number of fields relevant to our formulations. These include surfactant technology, tribology, aqueous corrosion, biostability, polymer chemistry, and some areas of nanotechnology. Because of our literature reviews, discussions with academic and industry researchers, and conferences we attend, we frequently become aware of advances several years before they are commercialized. This lets us integrate them into our approaches as early adopters and offer these benefits to our customers.


We are able to share some of the information we develop from this process as well as general advice regarding formulations and periodic help with specific formulation problems on an ongoing basis either in person or remotely.


Let’s face it – formulation is not something that is taught in many places, and most people who find themselves formulating have no formal training in the subject. This is particularly true in metalworking, given the complexity of the formulations and the highly fragmented nature of the industry.  We can provide on-site training in approaches to formulation of metalworking fluids as well as the other products we formulate in a format that is tailored to the needs of the individual customer. Ideally, this would be followed by an ongoing support engagement to continue providing the support necessary for a successful product development program.